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Rebekah Major is a Rhode Island based artist. Her colorful ink and watercolor works depicting marine animals come off as playful and inviting. Rebekah was born to a family of scuba enthusiasts. The young artist followed in their flippers and starting diving at the young age of eight. She became fascinated with the world under the sea. This world became her favorite subject matter for her whimsical  marine illustrations, and eventually became her home. Currently she resides on a sailboat with her partner Ben Payne. They anchor their home the “Scotch Mist” in Rhode Island.  Rebekah continues her journey of discovering the ocean donning wetsuits and foul weather gear. She creatively interprets these adventures into colorful illustrations daily.


Previous works include: “Mama Wrex” (author/illustrator), and “What do you see in me?” (illustrator). Both works have been published by Jan Carol Publishing. 


Rebekah's most known project is titled: ”365 Days of Prince”. This illustration project took place in 2015, it was a year-long online publication in which a new pen and ink illustration depicting the musician Prince was published daily. Every Prince illustration featured a new adventure. Sadly in 2016, Prince who had served as Rebekah’s muse for this project had passed away in real life. The project which had gone by mostly unnoticed had caught a second wind. The story of Rebekah’s obsessive and quirky illustrative series had quickly gone viral. The project was picked by the Associated Press and published nationwide. Rebekah was also interviewed by local papers, radio stations, NPR, international press, and several blogs. The project has been displayed in Providence, Rhode Island and in Louisville, Kentucky.

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